Broken key


Breaking your key can be an emergency and that's how we'll treat it. The main thing is to not worry! Our experienced locksmith can solve the vast majority of broken key related issues quickly and efficiently. We'll gain access to your vehicle with specialist tool to open even the most difficult locks. Even if a key is broken inside a lock, we can solve the issue on-site and you'll be able to use your car the same day. We can replace broken keys and re-program transponders, ensuring your car will be drive-able as soon as possible.

We will always use non-destructive methods to extract your key from the door or from the ignition and often we can remove the lock and rebuild it without replacing it.

If there is damage to your lock then often this can be repaired without needing to replace the mechanism. If it is damaged beyond repair then we can replace the entire lock and provide new keys to match.

It is highly recommended to use a locksmith for this service and not your car's official dealer or a mechanic with non-lock-specific knowledge. Official dealerships can charge huge sums for broken key issues and often they'll just strip the lock and start again rather than use non-destructive methods to extract your key.

There are a wide array of reasons as to why your car key or lock may become broken or damaged:

- The key breaks in the door or ignition

- The door or ignition lock becomes worn or damaged and you can't retrieve the key

- Your door has been vandalized and jams when you insert the key

If you're unfortunate enough to have your lock vandalized or your key broken, you can be guaranteed we'll take as many preventative measures as possible to fix your lock without causing permanent damage or needing to rebuild the entire lock system.

Serving the majority of Norfolk, we're on call 24/7 to assist you with any issue you have with broken car keys. Whether it is stuck in a door lock or in the ignition, our dedicated team can extract the key, check the lock and cut another key with a new transponder. We can also cut spare keys quickly on site which gives you a back up should you find yourself with a broken key again!


We operate every day of the week including weekends, evenings and public holidays to ensure we can be there when you need us.